• 20-04-2020

    We are here for you!

    Our company has been working hard in order to meet demands of our clients under this difficult times. We have taken all necesssary mesaruments in order to create a safe working environment for our production staff.

  • 14-01-2020

    Plate heat exchanger design and manufacturing requirements

    The plate heat exchanger is just a general designation, different plate heat exchanger manufacturers, production of plate heat exchanger structure is not the same, especially in the work under different working conditions of the heat exchanger structure is more difficult, but one thing is for certain, that is their working principle is very similar.

  • 14-01-2020

    Structure of plate heat exchanger

    The structure of plate heat exchanger is shown in the figure.It consists of a long square of thin metal plates arranged in parallel, clamped and assembled on the top of the bracket.The edge of the two adjacent plates is lined with gaskets, and a sealed fluid channel is formed between the compressed back plates, and the size of the channel can be adjusted by the thickness of the gaskets.At each corner of the board there was a round hole, in which two of the holes communicated with the passage on the board and the other two holes were not communicated with each other.

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