• 17-08-2020

    Using welded plate heat exchanger to reduce the cost of refinery process

    Welded plate exchangers mainly for use in the chemical industry or for utility systems in large buildings. The most energy-intensive process heating application in a refinery is the crude preheat train. This is where raw crude is heated to separate components in the atmospheric distillation unit.

  • 28-07-2020

    Plate heat exchangers — the new trend in seawater desalination

    Plate heat transfer surfaces are the latest development in falling film technology. Various configurations of plates have been tried in the past. Among them have been dimpled plates and corrugated plates. The latest type of plates are pressed plate used in a falling film (PPFF). This new configuration has several advantages never before available to any seawater desalination process.

  • 02-09-2020

    Wide-gap plate heat exchangers application of sugar industry

    Common heat exchangers used in these process sections are often dirty and blocked. Therefore, the use of wide-channel heat exchangers in these process sections is not easy to be dirty and blocked, and the cleaning cycle is longer.

  • 18-11-2020

    Correct installation of phe will also increase efficiency

    Think about how to install a plate heat exchanger to take full advantage of its performance?

  • 09-11-2020

    How to Troubleshoot a Plate Heat Exchanger

    This article is dedicated to identifying issues your plate heat exchanger (PHE) might be having, and setting you on the path to the right solution. Nearly all issues boil down to some form of plate fouling or gasket failure, but it’s important to determine whether it’s a one-time problem or an inherent flaw in your system (the PHE is specified incorrectly). The first step is to identify the symptoms of your underperforming heat exchanger.

  • 30-10-2020

    How compare performance and costs between a boiler and plate heat exchanger

    The traditional way of providing domestic hot water was to utilise a boiler to heat the water via a coil in a storage tank (a calorifier) and to store it until it is required. It's a system that has worked satisfactorily for generations, but today — with more emphasis on energy efficiency, cost and health and safety — this system increasingly fails to meet expectations.

  • 27-10-2020

    Plate Heat Exchanger Market Analyse

    The plate heat exchanger market is expected to support growth in Middle East and Africa during the forecast period owing to the rapid industrialization expected in the coming years.

  • 23-10-2020

    Global Water Desalination Market Forecasts

    Water desalination is used to purify salt water obtained from various sources. Sea water is the most widely used source for water desalination.

  • 21-10-2020

    The efficiency of tubular heat exchangers

    There are many different types of tubular heat exchangers on the market, such as ring, double-tube and multi-tube, and heat exchangers with various geometries, including the use of internal fins, dimples and ripples.

  • 19-10-2020

    The heat exchanger market is growing demand for replacement applications during the next five years.

    According to the recently released TechSci Research report, Global Heat Exchanger Market Forecast and Opportunities 2019, the global heat exchanger market is expected to grow by an average of 9% between 2014 and 19.

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