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Bloc plate heat exchanger

Looking for a Fully welded plate and frame heat exchanger? Then JINFAN is just right.

We are a first-class full welded plate heat exchanger manufacturer & supplier. The fully welded plate and frame heat exchanger is a new concept in heat transfer technology. It combines the advantages of both gasket and frame plate heat exchangers and shell and tube heat exchangers.

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Jinfan bloc plate heat exchanger has been validated as an effective solution for facilitating efficient heat transfer in applications characterized by demanding media, pressures, or temperature requirements. It features a compact design meticulously crafted for enhanced reliability and performance, ensuring effortless servicing and installation. Moreover, our Compabloc family boasts efficiency levels 3-5 times higher than conventional shell-and-tube alternatives, guaranteeing safe operation at pressures of up to 60 bar. Explore our range to discover how we've prioritized process sustainability with your needs in mind.

Bloc Plate Heat Exchanger Advantage

· Excels in heat transfer efficiency while minimizing fouling, leading to exceptional thermal performance and energy conservation.

· Effortlessly accommodates asymmetric flows through versatile flow configurations.

· Efficiently managing crossing temperatures within a single unit maximizes energy recovery, lowers power costs, and enhances process efficiency.

· 100% mechanical cleanability, devoid of crevices that might trigger corrosion problems. 

· Biotech and Pharmaceuticals
· Crude oil refinery
· Oil and gas operations
· Food and Beverage
· District Heating
· Pulp and Paper
· Semiconductor and electronics
· Water and Waste treatment
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