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JINFAN | Your One-Stop Solution For Heat Transfer

JINFAN | Your One-Stop Solution For Heat Transfer

Our company has three factories, Tianjin Jinfan Mould Co., Ltd. Tianjin Botai Heat-Exchanger Equipment Co., Ltd. and Tieling Huaxing Thermal Equipment Manufacturer Co., Ltd., whose main products are plate and frame heat exchangers, plate type evaporator & condenser and more than 10 types categories. We also supply heat exchanger plates, gaskets and other PHE parts.

We exported large quantities of plate type heat exchangers, plates, gaskets and moulds to many famous world class PHE companies in Europe, Asia, Middle East, America, Australia, South Africa, etc, owing to long lifetime, competitive prices, short delivery, technical support, certificate support, as well as after work service.

  • 1) Research
  • 2) Development
  • 3) Design
  • 4) Manufacture
  • 5) Installation
  • 6) Commissioning
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※We are the manufacturer of the OEM plate heat exchangers. Recently there are some companies that use our photos and videos for advertisement without our permission. Please kindly pay attention to distinguish it.

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JINFAN is a Chinese leader in heat transfer and fluid handling technology. We provide the widest range of plate heat exchanger products portfolio, such as gasketed, welded and shell & plate heat exchangers, etc., also supply all brands of PHE replacement spare parts such as plates, gaskets and frames, etc. with a lower price and higher quality.

Always consult JlNFAN for the right selection, and to help with the most favorable price.
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The plate type heat exchanger is suitable for almost all industrial plants involving heating, cooling, evaporation and condensation. We offer the most comprehensive portfolio to cover the widest range of industrial needs, helping users to achieve maximizing heat transfer efficiency. JINFAN also provides customized design solutions for performance in high-pressure, high-temperature or corrosive environments.

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Welcome to Tianjin Jinfan Mould Co., LTD. Here you will find news updates on our innovative plate heat exchanger products. Stay informed about our industry insights and company developments to shape the future of heat transfer solutions. Explore now and stay connected!