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BR 0.65 plate heat exchanger mould for plate fins china mould and die manufacturer

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1.Design,manufacturer Moulds for PHE


2.Plate heat exchanger plates, gaskets, frames


3.Hundreds of employees, many professional designer


4.More than forty sets of processing centers , NC milling and Gantry milling  


5.ISO9001:2008 international quality standard certification


6.High quality and competitive price , Fast delivery 



BR0.65 plate heat exchanger mould








Production Process



     1. Before product


         Rough machining, forging and heat treatment


     2. After product


         Fine machining, Grinding machine. Then milling, installing


      3. Testing mould


       4. Pressing plate








 BR 0.65 plate heat exchanger mould for plate fins  china mould and die manufacturer supplier1



Other models1
Gasket Material
Operating Temperature
Sultable Media
Water,sea water,mineral oil,Salt,Brine
Hot water steam,Acid,Alkali
High temperature,mineral oil,water
High temperature,high resistance,strong oxidans,oil,acid,alkali,etc
Other models2
AL M3 M6B M6M TL6B TS6 M1OB M10M TL10B TL10P M15B M15M T20M T20B T20P TS20 AK20 MX25M MX25B M30 P16 P26 P36 TL35B CLIP6 CLIP8 CLIP10 CLIP15 M6MW M10BW MK15BW M20BW M30BW MA30S MA30W AX30B MA30 TL15B T2B T5B T5M
APV H12 H17 N35 N40 N50 SR14GD R8GI TR9-III TR9-II TR9-I TR9 Q030E Q030 Q055 Q080 A055 A085 J060 J092 J107 J185 A145 M107 M092 M060 R14 R5
Tranter GC008 GL13 GX18 GC16 GC26 GX26 GX42 GX51 GC51 GC60 GX60 GX100 GX140 GX64 GX91 GX118 GX85 GX145
GEA VT04 VT10 VT20 VT40 VT40M NT50M NT50X VT405 VT80 VT80M VT80P NT100T NT100M NT00X NT150L NT150S NT250S NT250M NT250L NT350S NT350M VT2508 A184 N40 A161
Sondex S4A S8A S7A S14A S9A S19A S31A S17 S20A S21A S22 S37 S41 S42 S43 S65 S100 S47 S64 S81 S121 S62 S110 SF160 SF123
Vicarb V4 V8 V13 V20 V28 V45 V60 V100 V110 V130 V170 V280
Funke FP04 FP05 FP08 FP09 FP10 FP16 FP22 FP14 FP20 FP31 FP40 FP50 FP71 FP205 FP41 FP60 FP80 FP112 FP130 
Sigma Sigma13 Sigma26 Sigma36 Sigma56 Sigma66 Sigma156 Sigma55 SigmaM35 SigmaM25 SigmaM36 SigmaM106 SigmaM90
Botai M10MC M10MD M6MC M15MC MX25MA MX25MB BR08 BR06 BB1.2 BB09 BB05 BB08 BB04 BB06X BB45 BB03 BR005 BR007 M30MC


Company Information

BR 0.65 plate heat exchanger mould for plate fins  china mould and die manufacturer manufacture

    Tianjin Jinfan Mould Co., Ltd., located in Balitai Industrial Park Jinnan District Tianjin, is near to Tianjin Airport and Tianjin Port and has convenient transportation. Our company covers an area of 4042 square meter. The main business scopes of our company include  plate mould prodcution, heat exchanger production, heat exchanger unit manufacture, machining, plate prodcution, plate heat exchanger service and gasket sale. 

BR 0.65 plate heat exchanger mould for plate fins  china mould and die manufacturer details 

  Tianjin JinFan Mould Cop., Ltd. is a professional company devoted to design and manufacture plate type heater-exchanger moulds. We are the source, so we have complete models and brands of moulds for heat exchanger plates.


  We have a dozen press machines,and we press large quantity of plates everyday to meet the needs of domestic and foreign clients.

  We produce plates, moulds, frames and rubber gaskets for plate heat exchangers.

  We also have a separate factory for installing plate heat exchanger units.

  Tianjin Jinfan Mould company obtain the sincere turst of clients from all over the world by helping them become very competitive in their market with its perfect quality and competitive price.

  Welcome to visit our factories.


Our Advantages:


1. Professional designer and manufacturer 

Moulds for PHE

2. Plate heat exchanger plates, gaskets, 


3. Hundreds of employees, many professional 


4. More than forty sets of processing centers, 

NC milling and Gantry milling and press machines

5. ISO9001:2009 international quality

 standard certification

6. We controls more than 80% market in this

industry in China



7. Various brands gasketed plate heat exchanger, such as APV,TRANTER, Sondex,GEA, Vicarb, Funke, Sigma, Thermowave, Hisaka and so on

8. We also have two factoriesone is mainly for various moulds, and the other is for various plate heat exchangers and PHE parts

9. Obtaining the sincere trust of clients from all over the world with superior quality and competitive price.

Packaging & Shipping

For the plate heat exchanger and plates, standard export plywood boxes are used to protect the products from damage during delivery;

For the gaskets, high quality cartons will be used.



1. Delivered by Air

2. Shipped by Sea

3. Delivered by international express like DHL, TNT, UPS, etc.

4. Based on the requirements of the customers.

5. Packaging Detail: plywood case or as your request. 

6. Delivery Detail: 10days




1. Q: Are you a manufacturer or trading company? 
A: We are a professional manufacturer of plate heat exchangers, plates, gaskets, plate mould with 13 years' experience. We supply
all brands of plate heat exchanger and spares including AL, Sondex, Tranter, GEA, APV, Funke, Hisaka, Thermowave, Vicarb,etc.

2. Q: How about the payment terms?
A: TT, West Union, Alibaba Trade Assurance service, L/C.
3. Q: What about the price terms?
A: CFR, CIF, EXW are all available.
4. Q: How will the goods be delivered?
A: Shipping by sea, by air, by international express like TNT, DHL, UPS, etc.
5. Q: What certificate your products have?
A: We have ISO9001 certificate for our products. 
6. Q: How to test the quality of your product?
A: Samples are available for quality test; Or you can also pay a visit to our factory to know more about our products.
7. Q: Is there after-sales service of your products?
A: Yes. If any problem about the product, pls just feel free to contact us at any time. 
8. Q: How can I contact you?
A: My contact information is as below.


Process flow


2.Process Plant