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Chemical Industry

The Plate Heat Exchangers are integral to chemical processing, enabling efficient heat transfer across a range of applications. They facilitate the cooling of hot liquids and the heating of cold ones, and effective temperature management of corrosive liquids or condensation.

Chemical Industry

Chemicals play a pivotal role in numerous aspects of our daily lives, contributing to advancements in various fields and enhancing our quality of life. In agriculture, fertilizers and pesticides help boost crop yields, ensuring food security for growing populations. Pharmaceuticals, derived from chemical compounds, are instrumental in treating diseases and improving healthcare outcomes. Additionally, they play a crucial role in energy production, including the refining of fossil fuels and the development of renewable energy sources.

Most chemical plants work under continuous processes where the need for a reliable heat exchanger is paramount. JINFAN manufactures energy-efficient plate frame heat exchangers prepared to withstand chemical processes safely. Our expertise lets us produce various plate and gasket materials for demanding applications.

With excellent craftsmanship, innovative plate design, and the best materials available, JINFAN's high-temperature and high-pressure plate frame heat exchanger maintain their integrity in the most demanding chemical manufacturing.

Advantage of plate frame heat exchanger for chemical

1. High heat transfer coefficient by a turbulence flow

2. High heat transfer coefficient by a turbulence flow

3. Flexibility for future expansion or modification

4. Advanced plate design technology for special or difficult applications


With 30+ years experience of PHE, JINFAN has become a thermal solution expert of Plate Heat Exchangers. We drive innovation by leveraging profound knowledge, blending it with state-of-the-art technology, and drawing from a wealth of specialized expertise. 

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