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Marine Industry

Look for ways to enhance the energy efficiency of your ships. JINFAN Thermal Products might just have the answer you're seeking. The JINFAN marine gasketed plate heat exchangers widely used options for tankers, LNG ships, container ships, automobile carriers, and even luxury cruise ships.

Marine Industry

A ship comprises intricate, multi-machined systems. These mechanisms produce heat during operation, necessitating cooling measures. Cooling is achieved by applying a drizzle of oil or water to keep the machines at optimal temperatures. After cooling the equipment, the liquid used for cooling must now undergo its cooling process. This task is carried out by onboard machinery such as a marine plate-type heat exchanger.

JINFAN Plate Heat Exchangers for Marine

1. Gasket plate heat exchangers are an integral part of HVAC systems onboard ships. They are used for heating and cooling applications, transferring heat between the ship's cooling water and the air conditioning system.

2. PHEs are widely used in the refrigeration systems of ships. They play a crucial role in cooling and freezing applications, transferring heat between the refrigerant and the cooling medium.

3. Essential for engine cooling in ships. They regulate the temperature of the engine coolant, ensuring optimal performance and preventing overheating of the engines.

4. Commonly employed in freshwater generator systems onboard ships. These systems desalinate seawater to produce potable water for various onboard needs.

5. Utilized in exhaust gas heat recovery systems onboard ships. These systems capture and transfer heat from the exhaust gases to a secondary fluid, such as water or steam.

6. With the implementation of regulations to prevent the spread of invasive species, plate heat exchangers are increasingly used in ballast water treatment systems onboard ships. These systems treat the ballast water by regulating its temperature.


JINFAN marine semi-welded plate heat exchangers are designed to accommodate a wide range of temperatures and media, The semi welded PHEs are robustly built to withstand vibrations and pressure cycles, ensuring exceptional durability. Available in various sizes, they cater to a wide range of heat transfer capacities and flow rates, meticulously engineered to deliver optimal performance. Moreover, the cooling media or seawater side can be accessed fully without disconnecting the semi-welded plate heat exchanger from the piping system.

Advantage of Semi-welded Plate Heat Exchanger

1. The plate design allows for efficient heat transfer, ensuring proper temperature control and comfort for passengers and crew members.

2. Enables efficient cooling of storage areas, cold rooms, and food processing facilities onboard.

3. The efficient heat transfer capabilities of plate heat exchangers contribute to the overall efficiency and reliability of ship engines.

4. Facilitate the desalination process by transferring heat between the seawater and the freshwater, making it suitable for consumption.

5. The recovered heat can be used for various purposes, including heating or power generation, contributing to the overall energy efficiency of the ship and reducing fuel consumption.

6. Maintain the desired temperature by transferring heat between the ballast water and the cooling medium, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.


JINFAN offers reliable, compact, and efficient plate type heat exchangers that are easy to service and maintain. Through reliable solutions, our GPHE can be widely used in luxury yachts huge container vessels, supertankers and offshore rigs. We use high-quality titanium plates, making the equipment significantly more durable, with uninterrupted performance in corrosive seawater cooling duties.

JINFAN offers ways to optimize thermal systems aboard platforms and vessels with an extensive range of plate heat exchangers.


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